Lewis Hamilton has shown much enthusiasm in participating in a Nascar race as he believes that the grand prix can learn a thing or two from it.

The formula 1 champion said that he wants to try a one off NASCAR race in the nearest future hoping that with this, the grand prix could pick up a few lessons from them.

Hamilton was present at the sprint cup finale held at homestead last weekend to support Jeff Gordon in the farewell event being held in his honor. He became friend with Gordon by mere chance after the two had met in Nashville a couple of years ago.

“There were definitely some things that for sure they do a lot better than us,” Hamilton said in regard to his Nascar experience. He went on to say that the Nascar had an impressive event and was a really great spectacle.

“There were for sure things that we could learn from them. It was a great show, a great spectacle particularly for the fans. A bit like DTM, the fans get very, very close to the garages in the background and to the drivers. It was a really cool event. I hope I get to do one one day.” Continue reading “HAMILTON KEEN ON TRYING NASCAR”


A discussion of a move to the cup series for Daniel Suarez was ignited after his unexpected championship in the NASCAR Xfinity Series this season.

However, it seems as he would be remaining where he currently is at the moment – at least, for now.

His team owner, Joe Gibbs had hinted on the idea of going to the Cup series quite soon after Suarez’s win at Homestead- Miami Speedway, in the season finale.

“It’s going to be pretty quick we’ll be going to Cup,” Gibbs had said.

“I think it’s in Daniel’s hands, but obviously, he’s performed so well.

“It’s hard to get all that organized, but we’re working – that’s going to be our end game. That’s what we’re going to be working for.”

However, a team spokesman for Joe Gibbs Racing, on Saturday, had told Motorsport.com that current plans by the organization would see Suarez competing full time next season in the Xfinity series. Continue reading “SUAREZ FACING UNSURE MOVES IN THE SERIES”

Chris Buescher Saves The Day

Many might be aware of the hurdles that were faced in the mid race that would have prevented the Cinderella story of Pocono from not happening.

The restart that was required in the middle of the race might have ended Chris Buescher’s attempts there only for that race. When the race was over by halfway, there were several cars that choked up in the middle. Buescher wanted to avoid the chaos and he decided to aim at the bottom. One of the tires cut in a rough asphalt section. Such sections are known for their ability to send cars spiraling into the air.

As Chris recounts later, he was getting into Turn 2. It was a close race and it could have been a restart. There were a couple of cars in front and they were crossed and put out of shape. Chris had to focus on Brian, who was coming back and forth, which made him pull down. As he pulled down on the track he realized that there was a car that was a little too close. As a result of the brakes the back tire smoked and came off. It was a penalty that could have gotten them off the race.
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Nascar And Tony Stewart In The News

This week the focus on Nascar has been on several topics.

Fan mails have been coming in to support Tony Stewart as he fends off security problems on the team. Nascar has to address different safety issues that have come up. Tony is being put up with a fine that has had the reverse response in the world of racing. The fellow drivers as well as fans are showing their support and pledging to pay the fine.

Tony having to face a fine has put the fans on alert as most scramble to know what has occurred in the first place. The matter was regarding a rule change that Tony asked for from the sanctioning committee. It was regarding an amendment that Tony felt was needed in the lug policy. This might be something that as justified, but Tony’s manner of putting it forward earned him a fine. NASCAR definitely looked into the five lugs mandate as it attracted the attention of Drivers Council. It also earned Stewart a support of his fellow driver community and his fans. However the manner of putting the message across forced NASCAR to levy a fine. Continue reading “Nascar And Tony Stewart In The News”

NASCAR brings in new rules in Sprint All-Star Race format

The Sprint All-Star Race 2015 will feature twenty more laps than previous year’s event and for the very first time have all former all-star race champs and Sprint Cup Series champs who are full-time active drivers – not only those from the last ten years.

On Wednesday, the NASCAR announced all the alterations. NASCAR chief racing development officer and executive vice president Steve O’Donnell said that these updates were made to ensure that their fans have every scope to see the best drivers in one of our crown jewel events and give them even more on-track action. Expanding this field and adding laps delivers that to our fans, raising the competition level and ensuring that this race continues to be the biggest all-star event in all of sports.

The Sprint All-Star Race 2015, which will be telecasted live on FOX Sports 1 at 7 p.m. ET on 16th May, would include race winners from the 2014 as well as 2015 seasons in addition to the ex series winners as well as all-star race champs. Continue reading “NASCAR brings in new rules in Sprint All-Star Race format”