July 24th, 2014

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Close Nascar Finish 2

June 26th, 2014

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Tandragee Crash Kills Dublin Motorbike Racer

June 5th, 2014

A Dublin motorbike racer has unfortunately lost his life at the recent fatal Tandragee crash in a Co Armagh race.

36 year old Noel Murphy was a citizen of Lusk who died as his motorbike crashed down at the esteemed Tandragee track.

Murphy was 4 laps into that chase in Junior Support division while the crash happened on May 3rd, around midday.

The racing event was naturally suspended briefly but then resumed again given the request of Murphy’s father who was a spectator there.

Fondly addressed as “Smurf” among friends, Noel was a plasterer in his dad’s business & had lately celebrated birth of his newborn son. He secured quite an impressive win end April at Cookstown 100 chase & took part in the Tandragee race to fasten his name for the classic Manx racing at Isle of Man.

“This is quite a terrible jolt”, said Nole’s friend, adding that racing community was high on the biker post his amazing win end April.

Tony Carton, the chairman of Loughshinny Motorcycle Supporters Club, where Noel too had his membership, expressed great disappointment on the untimely death of the bright biker. Defining Murphy’s fatal accident as huge loss for the club & the sport, carton added- RIP Smurf- from your dear racing friends & community.”

Many have left their heartfelt condolences on Noel’s racing page on Facebook. One of the fans wrote- RIP Murphy- Passed away sadly doing the thing you loved.”

Another post read-“world of motorbike racing lost one more brave man, Noel Murphy. You’ve been taken away too early.”

Racing fans even hit another popular social networking site Twitter to express condolences.

Noel’s unfortunate fatal accident marks the 2nd death at Tandragee. Another Dubliner Martin Finnegan too lost out on a bike crash at the same course in 2008.

epic nascar finish

May 29th, 2014

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Rain Hampered The Series

May 8th, 2014

The rain hampered out the event of Sprint Cup series at Texas motor speedway which became the NASCAR’s first season’s rainout. After an interruption of about four hours NASCAR pulled the plug. At Sunday’s race the Robertson family from duck dynasty had major roles termed as duck commander 500. However uncle Si never got the opportunity to give the authority to begin the engines.

The race will be held on Monday just nine hours before the commencement of the NCAA national championship game near to Arlington. Tony Stewart after missing the last four months of the previous year with a broken leg can make a comeback this season.

Out of seven Sprint series cup three times rain has hampered the event this season. The two postponements at Bristol motor speedway totaled more than five hours and the season beginning Daytona 500 was clogged up for more than six hours.

The supporters who dared the rain enjoyed the activities of the Robertson family. A stable rain flooded the track on Sunday. Though the rain poured for long hour it made the task very difficult. There was no season of raining but still it rained. Nascars new roadway drying system needed two hours to dry the 1.5 miles speedway.

The big hoss TV and the TMS big screen awarded the supporters of the heavy rain on Sunday. The episodes of duck dynasty were also shown by the high definition led video board.

Si said that he tried to talk with them for permitting him to take a duck commander car but they won’t do it. In response to that CEO said that if he can figure out how to open the door they will let him drive the car. A representative from Guinness book of world record publicly certified the hoss TV as the largest HD led video board past Sunday.

2008 NASCAR Sharpie 500 Bristol Finish, Fight

May 1st, 2014

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