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Nascar works on new plans as the car racing championship shapes up to the finale

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Nascar brings to the world some of the most exhilarating races of all time. The drivers are constantly flirting with top speed and looking to outdo each other in whichever way possible. The accidents and mishaps that they often come across do not hinder the spirit of these speed junkies. Team Penske continued to dominate the standings after the last race. Joey Logano captured the top spot and equaled the achievement of his fellow team mate in the process. Brad Keselowski had five wins to his name till now but he finished at the bottom half of the table that cost him dearly in the standings.

The former Nascar champion Jimmie Johnson finished tenth in the race. He is treating Charlotte as a must win race if he is to harbor any dreams of retaining his championship. Talladega Superspeedway has been a challenging circuit over the years as it involves a lot of tough turns and requires great patience on the part of the drivers. It will be a fiercely contested race among the drivers as they will be out to prove a point for themselves. The fans will be looking forward to see their favorite teams in action.

Nascar took a great initiative recently by involving the better halves of the drivers who have been variously involved in accidents in a unique race. This race saw the wives of some of the drivers competing among themselves in order to raise funds for a charity event. They were visibly quite excited at the race and happy to be the part of a noble cause. The newly introduced racing aircrafts is also proving to be a hit among the fans. Nascar has gone a long way in popularizing races with the common people and this high performance race is surely set to pump the adrenaline.

Force India looking to hold on to the fifth spot in the Constructor’s points table

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Force Indian is currently enjoying the fifth position in the constructor’s championship after both their drivers succeeded in achieving a top ten finish. Their closest rival is McLaren who are struggling with just a single finish by one of their drivers on the top. The Silverstone outfit is now five points clear of their immediate rivals. They were considered the underdogs owing to the lack of experience but they succeeded in coming out on top of their game. The team Principal Vijay Mallya said that his team will do absolutely everything to ensure that they hold on to the fifth position and even tries to improve on that in the near future. There are some exciting upgrades that are coming up for their cars in the later part of the season. The 2015 season has also been kept under consideration but Mallya insisted on believing in the present. His sole aim at this point of time is to maintain the lead over the veteran McLaren which could go a long ay in proving their true worth as a team.

Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg have been impressive to say the least. They did not have luck going in their favor but have managed to stay up with the quality of the challenges that came to their way. Vijay Mallya has already confirmed that Force India has enough trust in them to retain them for the next season. The flamboyant Indian businessman said that the drivers did their best and it will now be the prerogative of the team to maintain the good show in the upcoming races. Force India might be a new team in the arena but it has followers all over. The Japanese Grand Pix will be no different at all as the people are expected to turn up in numbers and support their teams.

Lotus F1 keen to retain Grosjean

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Lotus F1 gas claimed that star driver Romain Grosjean remains very much a part of their plans for the future, despite the fact that they failed to announce his name for the 2015 season while confirming that Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado will remain with the team.

The Frenchman scored six podium finishes for the team last season and was a revelation alongside Kimi Raikkonen but the new car this season has been very disappointing and has led to the team struggling on the grid with Grosjean himself scoring just eight points and this has led to immense speculation that he might be lured by some of the major players on the grid and that is something the team is keen to aboid.

Federico Gastaldi, the team principal of Lotus F1 stated that Grosjean has been a part of the Lotus family for a very long time, since his days as a driver in the GP2 series. He went on to add that Grosjean is a top driver and he is not happy with how this season has turned out and that is the same feeling echoed by everyone else associated with the team.

He went on to add that although he cannot announce anything right now, it will be done once both parties are comfortable with the timing of it but he did mention that it is the team’s intention to have him around for a long time and continue what has already been a great relationship.

He also spoke about the renewal of Maldonado’s contract, terming it as a renewal of vows after what has been a very difficult honeymoon period for them. Gastaldi added that the driver is very much a part of their plans for the future and he is happy that he has committed himself to the cause as well.

Mattiacci Insists On Aerodynamic Progress By Ferrari

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci has insisted on good aerodynamic progression by his Formula 1 team in the recent races.  The progression is believed to have rendered a fantastic start for the squad in the 2nd half of this season.

Mattiacci is the new team principal for the esteemed Formula 1 team since April 2014, replacing Domenicali. However, the new change of power hasn’t sparked any sort of drastic turnover in regards to fortunes in Maranello. The team is still to emulate its very podium finish since his initial weekend as the principal at Sino Grand Prix. According to sources, Fernando Alonso has openly complained about Ferrari’s aerodynamics after his Silverstone stint and has even noted that it’s the aerodynamic issues which hindered him from overtaking World Champ Vettel in the race for 5th. However, Ferrari’s new team principal is continuosly stressing on adequate aerodynamic progression.

“I need to say that we have come up with a great deal of aerodynamic progress in the previous races that led that led to a serious positive result on track- hence we consider it as a great starting point in comparison to the events in the past”, remarked Mattiacci while stressing on the aerodynamic enhancement in the current Ferrari cars.

“I feel it takes little time. There’re issues that actually have been pretty persistent on our car for sometime and we are striving our best to improve whatever possible soon. Fernando is pretty well aware of it.”

Post the Brit Grand Prix, Ferrari’s new Team Principal assured that he had been looking forward to build up a different squad for 2015 yet he doesn’t feel that there’s necessarily some quick-fix on some lingering problems Ferrari has experienced this season.

“On the operational side, I don’t feel we can come up with immediate improvements for the car”, he added in.

Rain Hampered The Series

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

The rain hampered out the event of Sprint Cup series at Texas motor speedway which became the NASCAR’s first season’s rainout. After an interruption of about four hours NASCAR pulled the plug. At Sunday’s race the Robertson family from duck dynasty had major roles termed as duck commander 500. However uncle Si never got the opportunity to give the authority to begin the engines.

The race will be held on Monday just nine hours before the commencement of the NCAA national championship game near to Arlington. Tony Stewart after missing the last four months of the previous year with a broken leg can make a comeback this season.

Out of seven Sprint series cup three times rain has hampered the event this season. The two postponements at Bristol motor speedway totaled more than five hours and the season beginning Daytona 500 was clogged up for more than six hours.

The supporters who dared the rain enjoyed the activities of the Robertson family. A stable rain flooded the track on Sunday. Though the rain poured for long hour it made the task very difficult. There was no season of raining but still it rained. Nascars new roadway drying system needed two hours to dry the 1.5 miles speedway.

The big hoss TV and the TMS big screen awarded the supporters of the heavy rain on Sunday. The episodes of duck dynasty were also shown by the high definition led video board.

Si said that he tried to talk with them for permitting him to take a duck commander car but they won’t do it. In response to that CEO said that if he can figure out how to open the door they will let him drive the car. A representative from Guinness book of world record publicly certified the hoss TV as the largest HD led video board past Sunday.

Mayfield- Hero Turned Villain

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Jeremy Mayfield the former diver of Nascar has been convicted for the crime of possessing drug paraphernalia and stolen goods and he was taken to the Catawba County Court this Monday. Mayfield was also suspended from his 45 day sentence and was placed for unsupervised probation for a period of 18 months. As a fine he also had to pay $1100 and on top of that he was charged $88124.41 for the restitution to the victims and also for other costs. A recent press release regarding Mayfield gave all these details.

A statement was also passed by James Gaither, the District Attorney where it was said that the sentence which Mayfield was serving was in fact a part because of the of the death of a key witness. The first sign of his wickedness was noticed in the year 2009 when he was first suspended by Nascar. That year he was convicted twice for the use of methamphetamine.

The suspension got upheld after two appeals because of the fact that he denied the usage of illegal drugs. Later that year on the 1st of November there was a raid done by the police and he was found to possess stolen property. The police acquired heavy machinery from his house that was stolen from some nearby company and also found several equipments that belonged to a particular racing operation.

Mayfield’s house went into foreclosure and he along with his wife were taken into custody by the police in 2012 in the month of November. In the month of December his 12000 square foot mansion was burned to ashes by the firefighters in Catawba because it was a part of their practice drill. With the records Mayfield held it was not at all expected that he would turn out to be such a spoilt sport.