[HD] NASCAR 2012 – Talladega Good Sam 500 (Crazy Finish + Replays)

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25 Responses to “[HD] NASCAR 2012 – Talladega Good Sam 500 (Crazy Finish + Replays)”

  1. HunterCNixon1439 Says:

    I love nascar. The hell with anyone who thinks it isnt a sport or nascar drivers are not athletes. Nascar for life

  2. mesleepy103 Says:

    Pathetic they call this a sport. Even worse they call these fat slob rednecks athletes. What other man athlete competes with women. Ya real athletes, Danika Patrick is always beat. What an accomplishment!

    Fucking retard rednecks. This is something anyone could do. Change a tire, put gas in a car, STEP ON A PEDAL AND DRIVE IN CIRCLES!!!!!

  3. Tony Adams Says:

    Kyle Busch rocks

  4. wimpman94 Says:

    That was before i did my research on F1, It does take skill and really sharp focus to make it around those road courses. I’m just sick of people bashing NASCAR and say it takes no talent

  5. SpartanW98 Says:

    fight fire with fire lol. Arca races are a sight!

  6. Testafyer2 Says:

    I was fighting stereotype with stereotype. If you want to see actual single file bullshit, watch ARCA. THEY STILL FIND A WAY TO WRECK TOO.

  7. SpartanW98 Says:

    Why cant you just appreciate both? They both take incredible skill. If you think F1 takes no skill, watch the documentary “Senna” its really moving and shows how much skill the sport actually takes. NASCAR takes tons of skill too! Racing a car and winning, takes skill and teamwork, why cant you just appreciate it all? NASCAR and F1 drivers dont speak like you do about the other sports, just immature.

  8. SpartanW98 Says:

    I wish people were real racing fans, you think youre a racing fan, but when you restrict it to circle track, and assume the rest is all single file bullshit. Youre mistaken if you think that. And I watch NASCAR, F1, Le mans, Grand am, all of it is great.

  9. killapenguin74 Says:

    F1 is just follow the leader. That kind of racing sucks!!!!!!! NASCAR is 43 driver drive inches from each other and 3 seconds from 1st to 43rd.

  10. alvintrain Says:

    NASCAR all day..

  11. aomaompkhr062 Says:

    ชอบการเเข่งแบบนี้มาก บ้านเราเมื่อใหล่จะมีแบบนี้น้อ

  12. wimpman94 Says:

    F1 is for pussies NASCAR takes real skill and master knowledge of cars and how their engines work. You’re just an idiot who knows nothing. F1 takes no skill whatsoever

  13. SaintBEEP Says:

    I like NASCAR, but I like F1 and Indycar more actually….

  14. Lucas Costa Says:

    “The drivers are much better than any NASCAR drivers”.
    So please explain, why the fuck Scott Speed, Juan Pablo Montoya, Jacques Villeneuve and Kimi Raikkonen couldn’t do ANYTHING in the American ovals.

  15. MurphyMonster Says:

    How the hell do you score this? One piece of Stewart’s car is in 7′th and another is in 30′th.

  16. Blake R Says:

    fuck what people say I love nascar :D

  17. Testafyer2 Says:

    I was fighting stereotype with stereotype. I watched a couple races, but it’s not really my thing.

  18. continentalrcinglg Says:

    Your generalizations about F1 are just as wrong as his on NASCAR. You obviously didn’t watch this past F1 season, where 7 different drivers won the first 7 races, with an eighth different driver adding his name to the list before the season was out.

  19. continentalrcinglg Says:

    I can answer the Montoya not winning an oval race yet question: Because Ganassi’s cars suck. Ambrose has flirted with winning an oval race, because Petty at least builds cars that are capable of finishing high in any race.

  20. continentalrcinglg Says:

    Again, an Inter Milan supporter talking about class. Go throw some more flares at your crosstown rivals, while your punk-ass bitch team tries to beat them up after the final whistle.

  21. continentalrcinglg Says:

    LOL at an Inter Milan supporter talking about class. Go throw another flare at Dida, dumbass.

  22. continentalrcinglg Says:

    Um, no, that’s how NASCAR got started. Racing began with a 1.2 mile street race in Paris in 1887.

  23. Altamonteric Says:

    You know realize had Michael Waltrip got around Tony it would’ve been….Michael Waltrip vs Casey Mears for the win.

  24. simonay2012 Says:

    Sucks that this ended with a wreck. Would have been sweet to see this finish under green the way the 55 was moving up.

  25. Dustin Tran Says:

    how fast are they going?