Big NASCAR Crash Watkins Glen 2008

Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Big NASCAR Crash Watkins Glen 2008”

  1. James Falconer Says:

    how are the top comments 3 years ago when the video was posted less than a year ago

  2. nathan osborne Says:

    lol the sign “speed is beautiful” lmfao

  3. bmxriderjordan Says:

    haha if you pause it right after the wreck where the banner “speed is beautiful” its so ironic becuase when a crash does happen, its not beautiful :p

  4. TheSuperFletcher Says:

    Thumbs up if you heard all the fans gasping when they showed the first replay at 1:04

  5. AdamRosales7 Says:

    No he didn’t

  6. Revengegirl100 Says:

    who let you have a computer?

  7. Michael Daly Says:

    People should stop complaining about Talladega wrecks after seeing this and other Watkins Glen wrecks.

  8. Robert Kinsella Says:

    i like it how the walkway billboard reads “Speed is Beautiful” but yet there’s a huge pileup direcetly under it…

  9. trainboy1999 Says:

    did you see montoya he literly SLAMMED on the brakes

  10. Tim S Says:

    Speed is Beautiful……meanwhile, down on the racetrack……….lol

  11. 99dndd Says:

    Love the Glen. Add some proper run-off areas, a new pit complex and bring Formula 1 back to it.

  12. crazysheltons Says:

    3 words  speed is beutiful

  13. sabremetalhead Says:

    not it wasnt

  14. LordSwiftMeister Says:

    Rednecks sure have no sense of direction.

  15. ChaseForTheCupTV Says:

    speed is beautiful

  16. David Arizon Says:

    Who let them drive out of ovals? Predictable.

  17. NascarMicci Says:

    Oh man.

  18. Stewart14rocks Says:

    i was there and it was brutal

  19. rvdfamilyguy Says:

    figured Mcdowell was invovled.

    Mcdowell sucks.

  20. Christian Kennedy Says:

    NASCAr makes watkin’s glen look ugly

  21. TheMagicalLemon01 Says:

    In the picture when I clicked this it looked like Kevin Harvick was taking a piss.

  22. mrhawk333 Says:

    great video huero

  23. SammyFarkle Says:

    Irony.. Seeing the SPEED IS BEAUTIFUL sign above a big ass crash haha, good to hear there all alright.

  24. SLiguykyle Says:

    speed is beautiful. crashing… not so much LOL

  25. govtracy Says:

    ive been there in 2003,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009