Car Flips Over the Wall NASCAR Crash at Talladega

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25 Responses to “Car Flips Over the Wall NASCAR Crash at Talladega”

  1. C.M. Freeman Says:

    To correct myself, Jimmy Horton was the driver that went over the wall and
    Stanley Smith was the driver that was also involved who was driving the
    black car running along side the outside wall…both drivers survived … 

  2. lenkaivanondra Says:

    omg nooooooooooooooooooo :-(

  3. C.M. Freeman Says:

    Stanley Smith was the other driver injured seriously in this accident…he
    survived but his driving career was over…he was from B’ham and owned a
    construction business there…

  4. kragseven Says:

    I remember this wreck. For some reason I thought another driver died from
    this crash. One car went out and was destroyed like this and another you
    wouldn’t expect had a fatality .The guys name was Smith or something like
    that and he may have died days later

  5. keeler101n02 Says:

    Wow, he lived?

  6. cartryahoo Says:

    It was Stanley Smith. He held on for a bit but unfortunately he didn’t

  7. setoguchifan16 Says:

    Guy in the blue car at :32: Wow, and I thought a little scratch was bad!

  8. underthenorthernstar Says:

    @erasetoimprove oh yeah, that’s true. Which is a big part of the reason why
    nothing is done until it happens.

  9. kahnefreak38 Says:

    i remember watching this race….i have a stanley smith die cast car!

  10. RSGVXStuntmanVx Says:

    that’s good quality. that was a scary crash.

  11. Rock Haynes Says:

    Jeezz!!!! Not a pretty site. A miricle that there were no fatalities.

  12. Ed Kell Says:

    his car was gutted, he sprained his ankle, thats it

  13. ochs42thethird Says:

    Stanley Smith suffered injuries. He was not the driver who flipped. He got
    hit in the head by a tire. I think it was Hortons.

  14. Sean Fulton Says:

    this is exactly why all areas of the track have a fence around it.

  15. underthenorthernstar Says:

    Not just NASCAR, but Motorsports in general usually didn’t do anything in
    safety until something happened. Crazy wreck.

  16. Laura Farron Says:

    Jimmy Horton actually walked away from this crash, and it was Stanley Smith
    that was critically hurt, suffering a similar injury to the one that killed
    Dale Earnhardt.

  17. supercomet32 Says:

    @TheDevilDriver1993 theirs always been catch fencing in front of the
    stands….quit being an emotional child

  18. canadiancatgreen Says:

    wow I hope teenagers don’t cause more crashes this bad

  19. bubu1605 Says:

    i live like 5 minutes away from where he lives

  20. Sideways Sword Fish Says:


  21. Kyle Gambert Says:

    @PYLrulz1984 I think California doesn’t have a backstretch wall either. But
    im not for sure.

  22. Michael Mills Says:

    @PorygonFanatics he still races dirt modifieds in new jersey, Pennysylvania
    and Delaware.

  23. Zach Estel Says:

    @GeneralTyler4 No?

  24. Trevor Yates Says:

    now there’s the fence

  25. Stewart14rocks Says:

    tht guy who owns the blue car must of been like “wat the-”