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NASCAR Turns Criticism Into Positive Feedback

Monday, January 19th, 2015

A host of issues were discussed by the chairman of NASCAR and the Series of Sprint Cup suggests that a driver did criticise about the quality of racing at the track. In 2013 similar incident occurred and frustration showed clearly.

In the event, Hamlin got irritated with the Toyota and then did not speak about it to keep it low profile. He stated that the car was not a match in front of the Gen-5 car but he did not allow himself to be pessimist. On March 3rd they came third in the race winning it by Carl Edwards.

It was the aero balance which was not going right. The position of track at times becomes everything. Hamlin’s comment was heard by NASCAR where the driver who was considered to be veteran was fined of 25,000 dollars. The rulebook of NASCAR came under violation. (more…)

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