Chris Buescher Saves The Day

Many might be aware of the hurdles that were faced in the mid race that would have prevented the Cinderella story of Pocono from not happening.

The restart that was required in the middle of the race might have ended Chris Buescher’s attempts there only for that race. When the race was over by halfway, there were several cars that choked up in the middle. Buescher wanted to avoid the chaos and he decided to aim at the bottom. One of the tires cut in a rough asphalt section. Such sections are known for their ability to send cars spiraling into the air.

As Chris recounts later, he was getting into Turn 2. It was a close race and it could have been a restart. There were a couple of cars in front and they were crossed and put out of shape. Chris had to focus on Brian, who was coming back and forth, which made him pull down. As he pulled down on the track he realized that there was a car that was a little too close. As a result of the brakes the back tire smoked and came off. It was a penalty that could have gotten them off the race.

That was not all. The rookie driver had it rough as he received a speeding penalty. He fell down a lap as he had to make a pit stop that was unscheduled. He feels that he was able to hit the pit road that was lucky for him and his team. Fortune was on their side and they were able to recover back. Their lap came back through a free pass in Lap 106. After 20 more laps the veteran crew saw that NO 34 was in the lead though there was not enough fuel in the tank by then.