Nascar And Tony Stewart In The News

This week the focus on Nascar has been on several topics.

Fan mails have been coming in to support Tony Stewart as he fends off security problems on the team. Nascar has to address different safety issues that have come up. Tony is being put up with a fine that has had the reverse response in the world of racing. The fellow drivers as well as fans are showing their support and pledging to pay the fine.

Tony having to face a fine has put the fans on alert as most scramble to know what has occurred in the first place. The matter was regarding a rule change that Tony asked for from the sanctioning committee. It was regarding an amendment that Tony felt was needed in the lug policy. This might be something that as justified, but Tony’s manner of putting it forward earned him a fine. NASCAR definitely looked into the five lugs mandate as it attracted the attention of Drivers Council. It also earned Stewart a support of his fellow driver community and his fans. However the manner of putting the message across forced NASCAR to levy a fine. Continue reading “Nascar And Tony Stewart In The News”

NASCAR brings in new rules in Sprint All-Star Race format

The Sprint All-Star Race 2015 will feature twenty more laps than previous year’s event and for the very first time have all former all-star race champs and Sprint Cup Series champs who are full-time active drivers – not only those from the last ten years.

On Wednesday, the NASCAR announced all the alterations. NASCAR chief racing development officer and executive vice president Steve O’Donnell said that these updates were made to ensure that their fans have every scope to see the best drivers in one of our crown jewel events and give them even more on-track action. Expanding this field and adding laps delivers that to our fans, raising the competition level and ensuring that this race continues to be the biggest all-star event in all of sports.

The Sprint All-Star Race 2015, which will be telecasted live on FOX Sports 1 at 7 p.m. ET on 16th May, would include race winners from the 2014 as well as 2015 seasons in addition to the ex series winners as well as all-star race champs. Continue reading “NASCAR brings in new rules in Sprint All-Star Race format”

Kyle Busch Crashes In A NASCAR Event, Suffers Severe Leg Injuries

Soon after NASCAR Xfinity Series race held on Saturday, 21st February 2015 came to an end, Joie Chitwood III and Steve O’Donnell who are track president and Executive vice president of NASCAR as well as chief racing development officer respectively spoke about the SAFER barriers not being in the freeway.

The race was run in Daytona International Speedway. In that race, Kyle Busch of Joe Gibbs Racing got himself caught in an accident and he collided against a concrete wall which was not protected by barrier made of tire.

Kyle Busch’s car was going at a very high speed before the impact and the driver suffered a compound fracture in the lower part of his right leg. His left foot’s middle portion was also broken due to the crash. The Driver was taken to Halifax Health Center which is located at Daytona Beach for treatment and that evening, the doctors performed a surgery on his right leg. The driver is still on hospital. He was moved to one located close to his home on Tuesday, 24th February. Kyle Busch’s home is in Charlotte, North Carolina. Continue reading “Kyle Busch Crashes In A NASCAR Event, Suffers Severe Leg Injuries”