24 thoughts on “2009 Aarons 499 Talladega Brad Keselowski Wins, Carl Edwards Wrecks! Wild Nascar Finish!

  1. OrangeSodaKing–
    I seriously doubt that Carl Edwards’ crash was anything like the crashes in the “Final Destination” movies, but anything can happen at Talladega, as you probably saw in 1987 with Bobby Allison or in 1993 with Neil Bonnett; Carl Edwards suffered pretty much the same type of crash.The greatest part about the whole crash is that Carl actually visited a girl in the hospital who was hit with flying debris in the wreck.

  2. i almost died of shock when Larry said “BRAD KESELOWSKI WON THIS RACE”, we see Sprint Cup drivers win Nationwide races all the time but its almost unheard of to see a Nationwide dirver win a Sprint Cup race… or a Nationwide race for that matter

  3. YOU GO BABY!!!!!!! Who else wuld run across the finish line!!! HE IS JUST AWESOME ALL THE WAY AROUND!! EVEN FLIPPIN!!!! HEY, NOBODY CAN FLIP LIKE CARL!!! Thank God he is safe!!

  4. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! I was freakin out!!! Thats my man!!!! Carl is freakin awesome!!!! Jr cant even race!!!!!!

  5. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve seen a wreck this bad… it’s pretty amazing how those fences can catch a car like that.

    Also, Newman is damn lucky to finish third after that.

  6. for a sport that is usually a interesting as watching paint dry, that was sick. It almost makes me want to watch nascar…..almost

  7. Dang man sorry for a THIRD comment, but watch 2:57 carfully and 3:27 closely. That would be EXTREMELY scary if that were me right behind that fence.

  8. thxs for posting this video. i was watching the race and couldn’t believe my eyes. i am glad no on was hurt. truely amazing racing today!

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