25 thoughts on “Big wreck causes a red flag at Watkins Glen

  1. Cars did their job 150%, track about 40%. But yall have to remember NASCAR
    dosent own this track (or is closely associated with it). Many other series
    use it, so its hard to simply make a strait wall with SAFER barriers there
    since there’s the extra “boot” that’s not run. The car’s safety covered
    where the track came a little short. BUT, who cares??? We want drivers
    walking away, spectacular visual crashes are perfectly alright to happen.
    Which is why I cant agree with Newman just always “bitchin” safety when
    clearly he aint hurt. Especially when Busch landed on him last year at
    Talladega and he all but raged.

  2. It may have not been her fault but she still hit something, that’s her 56th
    wreck in 130 starts… they just keep adding up.

  3. Two weeks in a row something unusual happens. At Pocono Tony Stewart
    magically landed on Paul Menard now this week Michael McDowell flys in the
    air lands back on the ground and somehow just flys 6 feet back up into the
    air and hits the fence. How did he fly the second time? It looked almost
    like Ryan Newman in 2009 when just got airbore and fliped but McDowell
    wasn’t exactly at speed for that. It’s been a weird week. 

  4. Armco barriers on road courses absorb much more energy than a safer
    barrier. The only reason we have safer barriers is that armco is too weak
    to use on oval tracks, which have much higher speeds and closer spectators.

  5. Feel bad for McDowell when it comes to Cup. He’s proven driving in
    Nationwide with Gibbs, he can run upfront, but in Cup he either start &
    parks or has a nasty crash.

  6. As much as I love the track, I really feel like it’s time to run ‘The
    Boot’. It will produce better racing for sure. It will also reduce crashes,
    like this, where the driver hits the opening at a bad angle. With that
    aside, I am glad that McDowell is alright after that, considering that the
    entire rear end was in the fence. But, I am not the one who makes the
    decision, NASCAR does. They need to listen to the fans more when it comes
    to tracks and all that good stuff. 

  7. That was a very interesting crash, I’m glad that both drivers weren’t hurt
    in anyway, but this is the proof of the many advancements NASCAR has made
    in recent years, and how safe they try to make the sport. These
    advancements are definitely working.
    And for some reason this reminds me of the 2008 crash Michael McDowell had
    qualifying in Texas. (maybe because of the same driver, same type of scary

  8. SAFER Barriers aren’t always the best solution when it comes to safety.
    This corner has been a problem before with the Hornish Jr./Gordon
    crash,but I don’t think Safe Barriers around this part of the track does it
    any good. Also do keep in mind that this track races multiple series not
    just NASCAR. I do expect Watkins Glen to Address this corner again because
    of the wreck but I don’t see them adding SAFER. More than likely I see them
    doing something about the tire barriers on the right hand side. Because
    they were the culprit for launching Newman back into traffic. 

  9. That was a pretty horrible wreck. The cars did what they’re supposed to do
    though. The drivers completely uninjured. Also, what a FANTASTIC job by the
    rest of the drivers behind to avoid hitting Newman’s car. I know this track
    is used for many different racing series, but they really need to do
    something with this part of the track. It’s clearly a hazard and one day,
    someone is gonna be seriously injured or maybe even killed. Let’s prevent
    thing’s instead of reacting to them.

  10. They need to bring that wall in close to the track and eliminate that large
    runoff area on the outside of that turn. The more room they give them
    there, the more they use it to come through with more speed. Take away the
    runoff, force them to slow down.

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