25 thoughts on “Closest NASCAR finish ever!!!

  1. If you don’t like NASCAR why did all these negative commenters watch this video? That would be like a homophobe watching gay porn. It doesn’t make sence

  2. @zSniperGuyz Circles are 360 degrees. Sorry your wrong. They turn left but don’t go in circles. Something different happens each lap – I just can’t explain it. If you had a drive to follow you would realize how incredible this SPORT is. I’ll personally never forget this finish – I couldn’t believe it! Hard to believe it was 8 years ago.

  3. Saw this live 8 years ago, and the hometown boy is still giving me chills.
    That’s how we like our racing up in Maine, ladies and gentlemen.

  4. @JBurtonFan9931 nah i can see. and im not mentally retarded. i just dont think cars going in circles will ever be exciting

  5. “It’s gonna be a drag race! Wow! They touch, they touch! Craven, Craven got ‘im!”
    best booth crew in Nascar, this is why every single race should be on Fox

  6. As a European who follows F1 I see a lot of people saying NASCAR sucks, etc etc. It’s just a different form of racing and has its own positives and negatives. Races like this produce more excitement than an entire year of F1 – the last time a F1 race produced a finish like this was back in 1971 at Monza!!

  7. I have loved the Tide Ride sence i was a little kid, im glade he won it :D, to bad the tide car isnt in NASCAR anymore.

  8. @dngl21 This was almost 10 years ago. NASCAR has changed alot in that time, no the sport doesn’t suck, abosolutely not. However it may have degraded a bit

  9. Man i wish i saw this live.. I was at Outback watching Jeff Gordon lead.. we get home after the race and there were nobodys at the top of the leaderboard.. and i was like “how did jeff finish back there? And who are these people who finished in the top 5?”

  10. @dngl21 Yeah maybe in 2003… trade the fall date and the original Southern 500 for a race at California Speedway so the general public will think of NASCAR as cosmopolitan? Good thinking… oh and by the way it didn’t work and Californias stands are 1/4 full because the track is boring

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