Lewis Hamilton has shown much enthusiasm in participating in a Nascar race as he believes that the grand prix can learn a thing or two from it.

The formula 1 champion said that he wants to try a one off NASCAR race in the nearest future hoping that with this, the grand prix could pick up a few lessons from them.

Hamilton was present at the sprint cup finale held at homestead last weekend to support Jeff Gordon in the farewell event being held in his honor. He became friend with Gordon by mere chance after the two had met in Nashville a couple of years ago.

“There were definitely some things that for sure they do a lot better than us,” Hamilton said in regard to his Nascar experience. He went on to say that the Nascar had an impressive event and was a really great spectacle.

“There were for sure things that we could learn from them. It was a great show, a great spectacle particularly for the fans. A bit like DTM, the fans get very, very close to the garages in the background and to the drivers. It was a really cool event. I hope I get to do one one day.”

Hamilton had explained his surprise at how good the spectacle was in an interview with BBC sport. Saying that he found it far more appealing in real life than having it appear on television. He stressed that it was very different from the formula 1 he was used to and the fact that the teams were much smaller reminded him of his days as a formula 3 driver.

He said that one of the upsides of the Nascars was simplicity as it wasn’t as technologically advanced as the formula 1 and that made the track atmosphere fantastic.