Hot Weather Won’t Affect NASCAR Race And Its Participants

Chicago land Speedway has been hosting the Cup playoff opener from past 7 years and now decides to open its gates much ahead of time this year. The playoff opener is now at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The temperature is more likely to remain warm at the track in Chicago and its suburbs. The event can be entirely different this Sunday unlike the recent races of Chicago land. As per Kevin Harvick competing in the NASCAR Cup series, the race would be fun to watch when the cars slide around in the high temperatures.

Kyle Larson said the weather when hotter makes every race better as you slide around. The track will be hotter and the race will be more intense than before. A J Allmendinger feels that the NASCAR Cup Series race will be quite a challenging race as it takes place only once in a year. If you choose winters to race, the track gets rougher, making it difficult to drive in. In the last couple of years, the bumps and seams of the racetrack are more prominent and pavement is getting worn out which shows how tires are affected. The predicted weather temperature on Friday is around 93. The weather will be hotter on Saturday with chances of thunderstorms.

The NASCAR race will be matching the top stars of the season which include Martin Truex Jr., Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick against others. Harvick has already acquired 5 wins, Truex 3 and Busch 4. Clint Bowyer has 2 victories and is the only racer who has more than one win in this season. Truex is all excited to go to the racetrack and do his best. They had good runs in Sonoma and Pocono and better handling ability on the race car. They are confident that they can race on any kind of track despite the extreme weather conditions. Kieslowski, Harvick and Truex have two wins and current drivers at the track.