25 thoughts on “Largest Crash in NASCAR History

  1. If that happened today the race would be red flagged and there’d only be 6 cars left. This was from when racing was real.

  2. OMG!!! Amazing no one was hurt in these old clunkers. well…. some of these were probably be brand new back then. but WOW what a wreck!

  3. … and three cars: Larry Flynn (#14), Bobby Johns (#72A) who finished 9th btw, and Bill Wimble (#33) parked backwards. Hooker Hood (#99) drives through them in the grass, but on the pavement three cars including Sonny Palmer (dark #01) and Jack McLaughlin (#26) get together, all narrowly missing Wimble. McLaughlin overturns and rides up into two more cars. A final pair including Al DeAngelo (#18) piles on and we’re done. That’s 22 cars I can identify. Can anyone confirm any more?

  4. …the wad in the center grows (Frank Rubritz #95, Earl Balmer #64, Jim Parsley #70, Will Cagle #12) and Rafter is clobbered by two cars farther down the track. Two more cars slow up behind Rafter & friends and are simultaneously rammed from behind, creating a wall stretching from the infield to the top barrier. The camera pans back to Dick Blackwell (#31) driving around the mess…

  5. Is there a definitive list of who was involved in this wreck? This is what I see: Al Hager (#43), Larry Frank (#30) and Ed Flemke (#34) wreck as Earl Moss (#21) drives to the bottom. Red Kagle (dark #59) swerves the action as Wally Dallenbach (white #56) gets collected. Johnny Roberts (#7) spins in the foreground while another white car collects Billy Rafter (#82) at the top of the track. Stan Kross (#40) and Bill Wark (#25) both plow into Roberts and flip as more cars are added…

  6. @kidnamedchicago uhhh ya dude, I’m not trying to talk shit either, just trying to get things cleared up for other people who don’t realize how it is.

  7. @phatmattcowboys I’m not really saying that, I’m saying that so many Formula 1 fans put NASCAR down that you probably expected me to do that too… And that’s the shame.

  8. @kidnamedchicago don’t think that all diehard nascar fans hate F1, I watch it when I can and I honestly would take an F1 car over a Sprint Cup car anyday.

  9. wow this was before templates for the bodies, did you see all the coupes. Awesome video, love the dramatic announcer/narrator and the music puts the bow on it.

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