NASCAR Focus On Phoenix Races

There had been a debate over what action; NASCAR would take against Kyle Busch when he took a swing at their driver Joey Logano at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway racing event.

Many felt that NASCAR would levy a fine as a penalty to the accused. However, current news reveals that everything is fine between Logano, NASCAR and Busch. It has been revealed that Kyle Busch and Joey Logano had a discussion with NASCAR and the outcome of that was not very pleasant. The meeting had taken place before the practice on Friday. Kyle had seemed angry.

It was felt that he was guilty for his actions, but he did not want to apologize or to give clarification for his actions. Hence, the way they responded to questions at the Phoenix Roadway was far from amiable. However, when confronted by the press he stated that everything was fine. The meet was before the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series after the incident took place in the Cup Race in Las Vegas.

There have been questions raised as to whether NASCAR should be fined for the fight. However, NASCAR has conceded that there would not be any penalty fine charged to Kyle when he tried to take a swing at Joey Logano. The mantra for the team has been to focus on Phoenix and that is what NASCAR wants its drivers to focus on. Hence, whatever happened in Las Vegas is being put in hindsight. Many feel that Kyle feels wronged by Logano for which he tried to take a swing at Joey. Busch however is talking more about the forthcoming races and how they need to focus on that without giving an indication about his personal feelings about Logano. Fans will definitely be keeping a close eye on Logano and Busch to check out the ambience between the two drivers.