25 thoughts on “Top 5: Best Finish Nascar Sprint Cup 2008

  1. i love how they let jimmy Johnson go below to win at talledega but they
    don’t let Regan smith do it. NASCAR is dumb at some points 

  2. all those races, i never saw it. didnt bother to watch. thank god i missed
    tony win at talledga and those 3 jack roush at dover race. but i saw the
    race that carl tried to pass jimmie at last lap in turn 3. next year i aint
    going watch nascar anymore. it gotten so bored with chase system now. didnt
    watch half season of races and that last 10 races.

  3. 2:29 was BULLSHIT… tony pushed regan down there and it would have been
    his first win… and he ended up havin to wait 3 yrs til 2011 to get it…
    stupid officials why does it have to be a popular driver win

  4. @molotovotolom Okay, firstly, they don’t drive in a circle, they drive on
    an oval- usually. Twice, they run on a road-course. They can’t drive in a
    circle, otherwise, anyone who has a flat tire or an ill-handling car would
    have a big risk of smacking the wall. Second, they do 180+mph in over 100
    degree weather, and if it was so easy, everyone would do it.

  5. @nascarfanatic2425 haha. Hey it could be much worse than the Prius. I think
    the Dodge Neon or the VW Bug would be even worse. Or if Chevy started using
    the new Monte Carlos which are basically a dumb chick-car version of the
    old ones. Personally I want to see the Subaru Impreza or Legacy in NASCAR.
    I’m not anti-foreign manufacturers I think the more that are in NASCAR the

  6. @nascarfanatic2425 Haha they should have those cars in an elderly series.
    thatd be hilarious. they should do it 🙂

  7. @Zer0721 I wouldn’t necessarily go that far…. Rally Driving takes a ton
    of driving skill, NASCAR is more about keeping momentum up and passing
    maneuvers. I love both forms, in fact I love pretty much all motor sports
    equally. Can’t stand NASCAR fans that only watch NASCAR.

  8. @napoleontak actually that’s exactly what they’re doing starting in 2013
    the Sprint Cup series will be using Mustangs and Chargers, Chevy and Toyota
    are still trying to decide what cars to use.

  9. Stewart bitched and moaned down the backstretch about how Smith did that.
    It is legal on the last lap. Junior did it at talladega in 2003, Benson did
    it at Daytona in 2007.

  10. @erasetoimprove Toyota should just stick with the Camery. All Toyotas
    except the Tundra suck. As for Chevy, I say bring in the Camero. I really
    don’t agree with Chevy on dropping the Monte Carlo, but whatever.

  11. @erasetoimprove IDK. I think they look cool, but that’s just me. I figured
    it would suit the purpose, since Dodge uses the Charger in Nationwide, and
    they look pretty similar in ways. Well, as long as Toyota doesn’t use a
    freakin’ Prius in NASCAR, we’ll be fine. I can’t picture a car that passes
    GAAAAAAAYYY!!!!” and when it goes through gear changes it goes,

  12. I hate that for Reagan Smith. If he wanted to win, he shoulda just dumped
    Smoke, they made contact and he went low to keep from wrecking him.

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